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    1 - 2 Bedroom Households

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Quality Supplies, Made for Moving

The best way to safeguard your belongings for a long-distance move is with boxes and supplies that were designed to protect. The items bundled together in St George Boxes Moving Kits are professional grade, and made for moving.

Need help figuring out the best box fit for your move? Call 435-272-3786 to speak with one of our specialist today.

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Most Popular Moving Kits

  • Advanced Minimalist

    $79.99 $69.99

    St George Moving Boxes:

    • 9 Small Moving Boxes
    • 9 Medium Moving Boxes

    St George Packing Accessories:

    • 110 yards of Tape
    • 24′ of Bubble Wrap®
    • 3 lbs of Packing Paper
    • 1 Marker
    - +
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  • Advanced Average

    $289.99 $269.99

    St George Moving Boxes:

    • 18 Small Moving Boxes
    • 18 Medium Moving Boxes
    • 9 Large Moving Boxes
    • 10 Extra Large Moving Boxes

    St George Packing Accessories:

    • 110 yards of Tape
    • 1 Tape Dispenser
    • 48′ of Bubble Wrap®
    • 6 lbs of Packing Paper
    • 2 Marker
    - +
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  • Advanced Loves to Shop

    $499.99 $469.99

    St George Moving Boxes:

    • 36 Small Moving Boxes
    • 36 Medium Moving Boxes
    • 20 Large Moving Boxes
    • 10 Extra Large Moving Boxes

    St George Packing Accessories:

    • 220 yards of Tape
    • 2 Tape Dispenser
    • 96′ of Bubble Wrap®
    • 12 lbs of Packing Paper
    • 4 Marker
    - +
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St George Moving Boxes

Ivins, Santa Clara, Washington, + Surrounding Areas

Hurricane Moving Boxes

Virgin, Toquerville, Leeds, + Surrounding Areas

Mesquite Moving Boxes

Littlefield, Bunkerville, + Surrounding Areas

Cedar City Moving Boxes

Pintura, New Harmony, Hamiltons Fort, + Surrounding Areas

St George Boxes

Moving Kits

Moving box and supply kits, prepared to save you time and money

Absolutely St George Boxes provides a variety of specially designed moving kits. Each is packaged with the essentials you need to make moving day a breeze. Just select the kit that meets your needs. We will bring it right to your door. 

Choose the best solution for your move

Whether you’re moving a little or a lot, there’s a box assortment that’s just the right fit. St George Boxes moving kits are ideal for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4+ bedroom homes. Simply select the right size for your move, then choose the kit that meets your needs:

  • Starter Moving Kits: includes an assortment of boxes, tape and markers
  • Advance Moving Kits: features medium and large boxes with assorted moving supplies. Tape and packing materials included
  • Expert Moving Kits: comes with an assortment of moving supplies and boxes, including wardrobe boxes

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